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Примочка для Poser. С ней вы легко сможете добавлять в сцену падающий снег, листья, лепестки роз, летающих насекомых и еще много всякой всячины. Вот оригинальное описание: Now you can easily add snow, leaves, rose petals, flying insects or more to your scene.This product includes powerful animation controls which allow you to randomly blend these elements into your existing scene. And since you can edit and create new textures of your own design using any 2D paint program, the sky is the limit with this utility. Features 150 Poseable "flakes" Ability to randomize objects in the air 8 Material zones 7 Complete texture sets 4 Types of leaves 2 Insects Snow Size: 1,5Mb Pass: www.stilia.ru